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In India, one child is born almost every second….

... It's time to celebrate early childhood
to make the most of it

Celebrate Childhood, Keep Growing

Think of your earliest childhood memories…
You smiled, didn’t you?

Childhood is filled with joy, wonder, excitement, and an unlimited appetite for life.
Children learn best from childhood itself. So, let’s join them in this celebration of growth and learning. It’s the ideal way to build a strong foundation for their future.

Missed Opportunity

Today, there is a lot of vulnerability and anxiety around early childhood, which can limit a child’s growth and learning journey to a severe extent.

Our education policies and frameworks have valuable recommendations to address this issue, but these need to be applied on-ground to make a real difference.

Here are some opportunity areas that we can build on,
to make ‘Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao’ a societal mission.

The first eight years are a window of opportunity - gif

The first eight years are a window of opportunity

Holistic development can be a lifelong advantage - gif

Holistic development can be a lifelong advantage

An abundance of learning opportunities - gif

An abundance of learning opportunities

Play is the way - gif

Play is the way


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Collabactors of Bachpan Manao are champions of the growth of children. Collabactors can
(1) Generate, curate and share content, insights and learnings to raise the level of conversation, and
(2) Act for intergenerational impact by enabling actions that nudge mindset shift and behavior change of caring adults. We call this Collabaction – collaborating for action and impact.

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