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About the Mission

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao is a mission and a celebration to recognize the abundance of childhood for the 0-8 year olds in India. Scroll further to learn more.

Bringing alive the 'Early Childhood' opportunity

The Summit

Where the experience of early childhood (0-8 years) enables every child in India to grow and learn to their full potential empowering them to thrive in their future.

The 'How' of Bachpan Manao

Generate conversations and foster understanding about the early childhood opportunity

Create, curate and share resources, knowledge and tools as public goods on the early childhood opportunity

Grow the network of individuals, organisations, ideas, solutions and spaces for sustained intergenerational impact at scale

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Let’s have an ‘abundance’ mindset,
while approaching early childhood.

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao

Celebrate Childhood, Keep Growing

Opportunity Areas

To make the most of this abundance, here are key areas of focus:

The first eight years are
a window of opportunity

Higher sensitivity to learning across key developmental areas in the early years, compared to school years.

The most eager and efficient period of learning

The early years have a long-lasting effect on development

Holistic development can be
a lifelong advantage

Holistic development is what makes the foundation for the children strong – a springboard for the future.

Holistic development is an equalizer for inclusive growth.

Holistic development through responsive care giving

An abundance of learning

Learning through experience and interactions.

Learning is not a straight line

Power of instinct.

Learning happens best with the development of positive dispositions

Play is the way

“Birds fly, fish swim and children play”.

Play builds the brain and promotes the process of learning

Play and child development

Play benefits children and carers

From Childhood Workshop
to a Societal Mission

‘Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao’, idea and societal mission was born out of a collaborative effort of seeing together and learning by the Childhood Workshop – a wide range of individuals and organisations invested in the idea of learning and childhood in India and incubated by EkStep Foundation.

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Adhyayan Foundation | Dost Education | EkStep Foundation | Illume | Key Education Foundation | Language & Learning Foundation | Pratham Education Foundation | Primalise | Probex | Rocket Learning | Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies | Shikshalokam | Siriti

The Childhood Workshop came together to uncover and gather insights from the ground and deep dialoguing with the caring adults that surround children in their early years. Along the way the Childhood Workshop grew into a tribe of Collabactors kept growing including

Makkala Jagriti | Nirvana Films | The Better India | BioQuest | Gram Vaani

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao is evolving into a network that cares, thinks and acts for our youngest. The tribe grows with the openness to see, learn and share and, more than anything else, grow together!

You are invited to join the mission, make some noise and raise the level of conversation for the sake of our youngest!

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