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Childhood Learning and Education: A Focus on Intuitive Learning

Review Article


Findings of early cognitive expansion have led investigators to recognise the developing mind as astoundingly competent, active, and intuitive from an early age. For emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development, the first eight years from birth are crucial. As billions of mixed neuronal circuits are built by the interplay of heredity, environment, and experience, a child’s developing brain is highly malleable and adaptable throughout these formative years. Intuitive learning plays a significant role in teaching, learning, and leadership, and theorists have recognised its role in scientific and artistic discovery. Education and intuition are the creative pathways to creativity. Incorporating intuitive learning into the educational system is crucial for adopting a holistic approach to thinking. Intuitive competence aids in creative thought processes in dynamic, networked or distracting workplaces. The present review is an attempt to understand the potential of intuitive learning in the context of childhood education and its future implications.

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