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Crafting Narratives, Field Notes by FactorDaily

Through stories ideas come alive, experiences find meaning, and change finds new ways to manifest. Why Stories Matter Each story from a child, an educator, or a caregiver is a […]

Art and Magic of Read-Aloud Masterclass by Adhyayan Foundation

Read Aloud …. is an art and you can master it. You get to be funny, make sounds you won’t make in a board room, be silly, be loud and […]

Workshop on Inclusive and Accessible Education by ChangeInkk

ChangeInkk Foundation in collaboration with Bachpan Manao hosted an interactive workshop on Inclusive and Accessible Education on 26th October 2023 that entails an introduction to Specific Learning Disabilities and how […]

Helen Issar’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Shobha Srinath’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Shobha Srinath's Insights at Childhood Workshop

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Sashwati Banerjee’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Jeswant Raghavan’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Rushda Majeed’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Aaha 2023 – Digital Pitara

Image of one of the characters of Bachpan Manao Badhte Jao

Hosted by Sol’s Arc in collaboration with EkStep Foundation, Aaha 2023 a ground-breaking event brought together content creators, influencers, educators, and thought leaders from over 35 organisations working in the […]

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