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Sashwati Banerjee’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

Anganwadi workers on children and play

Bacche jab aate hain, unko numbers sikhana padhta hai. Toh hum railgaadi ka khel khelkar samjhate hain. Unko line mein khada karte hain aur unko ek ek number dete hain. […]

Jeswant Raghavan’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

“How does a teacher want to grow? By moving to a bigger, better school and upgrading skills”

“I would like to join some other school, by doing the same work but moving to a better school. I would like to experience different kind of people and children.”

“How does a teacher want to grow? By being recognised professionally for their work”

“The way the parents talk to us, being their child’s teacher makes us feel special.”

“How does a teacher want to grow? By understanding child psychology and brain development”

“I could also become a teacher trainer. If I go as a teacher trainer – there are changes or additions to the syllabus, I can learn that.”

“How does a teacher want to grow? By starting a school or creche of their own”

“Want to be able to open my own preschool down the line. Want something of my own, don’t always want to work for others.”

“How does a teacher want to grow? By staying where they are and growing in Early Childhood Education”

“Since I have done my training I do not want to change. Besides, with younger kids we’re teaching the basics which is so important.”

Rushda Majeed’s Insights at Childhood Workshop

A mother’s firm belief in her extra efforts to foster her child’s learning

Dimaag aur soch toh sabke paas hoti hai. Bachhe paidaishi tez nahin hotein hain. Agar aap bachon ko dhyaan nahin doge toh kahan se tez banenge. I will try extra […]

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