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Play to Learn: Understanding the whole child through holistic assessments – Master Class

Bachpan Manao Badhte Jao Masterclass on play based assessments by Simple Education Foundation. Deepdive into the use of performance tasks (PTs) as an important mode of assessments to understand the child beyond FLN. Also, gather insights on designing and executing effective performance tasks in your own classrooms, programs or organisations!

πŸ’‘ What can you expect to learn from the masterclass?
βœ… Understand why PTs are crucial for holistic child assessment.
βœ… See real-world examples of PTs and their impact.
βœ… Learn to build PTs that are child-centric and effective.

Simple Education Foundation, dedicated to primary education since 2016, champions SEL integrated FLN curriculums. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about Performance Tasks (PTs) and recognise how we as caring adults can learn to design child friendly frameworks.

Here is the zoom recording of the session.


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