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Read-Aloud Resources

The Adhyayan Foundation has released a set of resources designed to assist individuals who want to read aloud to their children. The link offers book lists and read-aloud manuals that […]

Childhood Learning and Education: A Focus on Intuitive Learning

Review Article Abstract Findings of early cognitive expansion have led investigators to recognise the developing mind as astoundingly competent, active, and intuitive from an early age. For emotional, cognitive, social, […]

Childhood Development, Learning, and Education: A Focus on Nonlinear Learning and Play

Abstract The brain undergoes rapid development during the first 8 years of life and is highly receptive to promotive experiences and stimulation. Early childhood presents a critical window of opportunity […]

Masterclass on Active Thinking Math Classroom hosted by Aavishkaar

Bachpan Manao Badhte Jao Masterclass on Active Thinking Math Classroom hosted by Aavishkaar. Unlock the secrets of an Active Thinking Math Classroom where questions, discussions, and justifications thrive, creating an engaging […]

Peer Teaching and Peer Learning – A pocket book on how to make this possible

Involve has created this pocket book to make Peer Teaching and Peer Learning an effective reality. Read this pocket book to find out how. Disclaimer: This pocket book is written […]

Play to Learn: Understanding the whole child through holistic assessments – Master Class

Bachpan Manao Badhte Jao Masterclass on play based assessments by Simple Education Foundation. Deepdive into the use of performance tasks (PTs) as an important mode of assessments to understand the […]

Envisioning the Year Ahead with Slam Out Loud Master Class

An immersive two-hour workshop to align intentions and goals for the year ahead using reflective prompts, colours, creativity and wherever your imagination goes! Pick up tip and tricks on building […]

Building Strong Foundations: Examining Early Childhood Education in India

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 prioritizes Early Childhood Education (ECE) in India, recognizing its role in establishing a robust learning foundation. A study commissioned by the Central Square Foundation […]

Crafting Narratives, Field Notes by FactorDaily

Through stories ideas come alive, experiences find meaning, and change finds new ways to manifest. Why Stories Matter Each story from a child, an educator, or a caregiver is a […]

Art and Magic of Read-Aloud Masterclass by Adhyayan Foundation

Read Aloud …. is an art and you can master it. You get to be funny, make sounds you won’t make in a board room, be silly, be loud and […]

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