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A challenge for International Day of Play to promote free play for every child, as part of the #ItsRightToPlay campaign by UNICEF India and Bachpan Manao.

Why Free Play?

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 11 June as the International Day of Play to help every child reach their full potential, with the time, space and access to play. We want a world where every child’s right to play is respected, protected and fulfilled.

Free Play – also known as unstructured play, is a type of play that is initiated and directed by children themselves, without specific goals or adult-imposed rules, imaginative and experiential and flexible and fun!

Free play is a fundamental aspect of well-being for both children and adults.

For children: it supports cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, fostering independence, creativity, and resilience.

For adults: free play offers stress relief, enhances mental health, promotes social connections, and stimulates cognitive and creative functions.

Embracing free play as a vital part of life can lead to healthier, happier, and more well-rounded individuals across all age groups.

About the Challenge

Keeping this in mind, UNICEF India and Bachpan Manao have created the #ItsRIghtToPlay campaign, taking a leap on the insight (from Right to Play’s research) - Adults have forgotten how to play.

Therefore the idea #HourOfFreePlay – where on 11 June 2024, adults play with children between 5-6 PM, allowing them to lead and determine what to play!

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